General Ground Search and Rescue

All novel Land Search and Rescue members are deemed ‘MITs – Members In Training’ until they complete their General Ground Search and Rescue course. This course is taught in house and teaches our members the skills necessary to conduct themselves safely, and effectively in the dynamic world of Search and Rescue.

During this training members will learn the search techniques used for wilderness SAR operations, as well as procedures for conducting urban searches and evidence searches. They will learn how to assist the first aid attendant in stabilizing and securing the subject for transport, how to maneuver a stretcher over rough terrain, and how to use basic rope assist techniques to move the stretcher over gentle slopes. Basic ties used in GSAR applications will be covered, an introduction to special team operations (wildland rope rescue, swift water rescue, flat ice rescue, and more) and associated equipment. They will also gain an awareness of how to protect clues and work with tracking teams and other resources used in SAR responses.